Resize Partition Using EaseUS Partition Master

To solve low disk space issue on your drive, you need a software to resize or move partition. EaseUS Partition Master will help you Extend partition to maximize computer performance and solve low disk space problem on a particular hard disk partition. This Software also help you manage disk space better for different usage with Shrink partition feature. And last but not least, this software allow you to move partition and make the unallocated space behind the partition you want to extend. So download and install EaseUS Partition Master and follow this step to manage your disk.

Extend Partition
  1. Open EaseUS Partition Master. step-1-easeus-disk-management
  2. Free up space to extend partition. If the hard drive has enough unallocated space to extend the target partition, jump to Step 3 and continue. If not, free up space first: Right-click on a partition next to the target partition and select “Resize/Move” and Drag the partition ends to free up space, leaving enough unallocated space behind the target partition, click “OK”.step-2-easeus-disk-management
  3. Right-click on the target partition and select “Resize/Move”.step-3-easeus-disk-management
  4. Drag the target partition handle into the unallocated space to extend partition.step-4-easeus-disk-management
  5. Click the “Execute Operation” button and “Apply” to keep all changes.step-5-easeus-disk-management

Shrink Partition
  1. Open EaseUS Partition Master
  2. On the main window, right-click on the partition that you want to shrink and select “Resize/Move”.step-1-easeus-shrink-disk-management
  3. Adjust partition size, use your mouse to drag one of its ends to shrink partition space.step-2-easeus-shrink-disk-management
  4. You can also adjust the partition size box to shrink the target partition.
  5. Click “OK” to continue.step-3-easeus-shrink-disk-management
  6. Click the “Execute Operation” button and “Apply” to keep all changes.step-5-easeus-shrink-disk-management

How to Use MiniTool Partition Wizard

In Windows 10 Disk Management you can shrink the large partition to make free space and then redistribute the free space to the boot C drive with MiniTool Partition Wizard. This tool is very powerful and easy to use. The user interface of the software is user-friendly. MiniTool Partition Wizard is very useful in disk management .You can Extend a Partition Computers Drive following this steps.

  1. Run MiniTool Partition Wizard
  2. Select the partition which needs extending and choose Extend Partition from the left action panel.step-1-2-extend-partition-disk-management
  3. Open the drop-down list of Take Free Space fromĀ and choose a partition or unallocated space to take free space.
  4. Drag the sliding handle leftwards or rightwards to decide how much space to take, with partition size changing intuitively. After that, Click OK to continue.step-3-4-extend-partition-disk-management
  5. Click Apply button at the top to apply changes.step-3-extend-partition-disk-management

Extend a Partition on Windows 10 directly takes free space from any other existing partitions or unallocated space to enlarge a partition on the same disk while Move/Resize Partition requires contiguous unallocated space. Under the following 2 situations: Extend partition to non-contiguous unallocated or free space and There is no unallocated or free space on the disk, Extend a Partition is suggested.

Extend a Partition on Windows 10 Computers Drive

If system partition was set too small, you may feel the c drive space is getting smaller and smaller. Extend partition is needed when the system was eaten by temp files, cache files, system upgrade files. It is extremely awkward when system C: is set too small as default. This can really help to Dell Server, which makes 12GB default system partition. The extending system would be very easy and data protected. You don’t have to worry about losing data or moving your large files to somewhere else, which may take several hours to finish the data moving. And extend system can be a one-stop solution.

Low Disk Space on C: Warning

When the system has been eating up, your disk would report alert like low disk space on C. And it also offers a way to clean temp files and other trash on your disk. However, by removing the trash can only make little effort to the low disk space problem. The real solution is to extend your system drive as large as your disk allows.

Low Disk Space Warning

Redistribute Disk Partition Spaces And Expand C

When first using your disk, you need to initialize the disk and arrange disk partitions with different capacities. However, with years of using your disk, some partition or volume might become insufficient in space. Extend Partition or Shrink disk space is needed and most of IT admins wish to find a program or way that could redistribute disk space without losing data or harming the system.


Minitool Partition Wizards

By this tool, you can shrink the large partition to make free space and then redistribute the free space to the boot C drive. This procedure can make your C Drive is more spacious. This tool is very powerful and easy to use. The user interface of the software is user-friendly. Minitool Partition is very useful in disk managementĀ  . It allow you to Extend Partition on Windows 10 Computers Drive.